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Biohazard Cleanup

Restoration Services

ProCore Restoration provides expert ready assistance for biohazard cleanup services in San Diego. Our experienced team is suited to handle a wide range of waste management responsiveness, such as:
• Human blood and blood products, regardless of its conformation
• Mold removal and remediation
• Body fluids
• Pathological waste
• Laboratory waste
• Animal waste
• Lancets, medical needles, syringes

ProCore Restoration often performs biohazard cleanups regardless of the nature of the situation. We work on hazardous water damage, chemical spills, lab accident cleanups, removal of crime scene residues, and even cleanups that involve the death of a person. You can count on us to complete all the work promptly and in the most professional manner possible.

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Approaching Biohazard Cleanup Issues

We are very systematic with our approach to resolving biohazard cleanup jobs in San Diego. Our team follows a strict procedure to ensure all potentially hazardous waste gets taken care of properly. We use marked bags to pack all the waste in the area.
Afterwards, we proceed with a rigid process of disinfecting and sanitizing the space. We can guarantee that the place will have no residue odors after completion. ProCore will not leave the project until finished before moving to the final phase.
Lastly, transport and disposal of the bio hazardous waste is conducted. ProCore rigorously follows the set guidelines implemented by county and federal levels when handling this type of waste.

Where We Excel

Our thorough and specialized cleanup and restoration services ensure there are no residual threats that will linger within your household or business. Feel free to give us a call for immediate assistance regarding prompt assistance about biohazard cleanup services throughout San Diego.

What our customers say

“We had a toilet overflow and flood 3 of our offices over the weekend and had to deal with it immediately Monday morning. I called the building manager who recommended ProCore Restoration as she had used previously used them. I called and was guided through the process by one of the techs. Their guys came out here same day to start the drying process. All of the staff who came in on a regular basis to check the drying process were very polite and professional. They were helpful to answer any questions that I had. It was a frustrating incident, but the whole team at ProCore went out of their way to assure us and put us at ease during a stressful ordeal. I would recommend them anytime.”